Paolo Paolini

Politecnico di Milano, Italy


Supporting Healthy Ageing: lessons learned from City4age and Gatekeeper European Projects


Paolo Paolini formerly Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano, universityof Lecce and university of Lugano (CH); currently scientific counsellor for Fondazione Politecnico di Milano.

He graduated from the University of Milan in Physics and has a Master and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

He has been active in different research fields, including databases, hypertext (where WWW started), multimedia authoring, web design, accessibility (for disabled users), use of technology for Cultural Heritage and Education, and technology support for active aging.

Paolo Paolini has authored more than 200 scientific papers in international journals or at international conferences; he has been the scientific coordinator of more than 50 projects, at international and national levels. He has been coordinator and technology coordinator for CITY4AGE (active aging) and eCoaching coordinator for GATEKEEPER (healthy active aging).

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